On the Annual Day Function, the School will declare award following special prizes for encouragement to the student.
  1. 100% Maximum attendance:
  2. Highest percentage:
  3. All rounder student (best in all activities)


We look at education VISION differently. Special emphasis is given on quality of knowledge that forms and shapes the students future.We have adopted a learner centered approach and made our pattern of academic frame work flexible, worthy, need based. As per guidelines of C.B.S.E, with our holistic efforts and approaches, teachers training programme is organized at regular interval. Faculty is trained at different venues, CBSE guide lines are implemented in letter and spirit through unit test, pre-term and terminal examination.In strict adherence to regulations of CCE, We plan, formulate, undertake and conduct various activities and pen-paper exams regularly. To keep abreast with the latest development of the individual merits, traits and personality, the report card, the designed CCE mirror is made available periodically to parents/students which reflects, focuses, indicates different aspects of scholastic and co- scholastic areas, co-curricular and other values of life of the students.

SCHOOL UNIFORM SUMMER SESSON (15th March to 31st Oct.)



  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. Navy Blue Half Pant or Full Pant
  3. Navy Blue Socks
  4. Black Leather Shoes with lace
  5. School Tie, Belt
  6. School Badge (Only Nur., Sec.)
  7. House Badge (Ist to Xth)
  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. Navy Blue Skirt
  3. Navy Blue Socks
  4. Black Leather Shoes with lace
  5. School Tie, Belt
  6. School Badge (Only Nur., Sec.)
  7. House Badge (Ist to Xth),White Ribbon or Hair Band.

Winter Sesson (1st Nov. to 14th March)



  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. Gray Pant
  3. Navy Blue (V Shape Neck)Sweater/Blazer (With Monogram)
  4. Grey Socks
  5. Black Leather Shoes with lace
  6. School Tie, Belt
  7. House Badge (Ist to Xth)
  8. School Badge (Only Nur., Sec.)
  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. Gray Skirt.
  3. Navy Blue (V Shape Neck)Sweater/Blazer (With Monogram)
  4. Grey Socks
  5. Black Leather Shoes with lace
  6. School Tie, Belt
  7. House Badge (Ist to Xth)
  8. School Badge (Only Nur., Sec.)White Ribbon or Hair Band

Wednesday (15th March to 31st Oct)



  1. House T- shirt, White Pant
  2. White Socks, White P.T. Shoes
  1. House T- shirt, White Pant
  2. White Socks, White P.T. Shoes,White Ribbon or Hair Band

Saturday(15th March to 31st Oct)



  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. White Half Pant or full Pant
  3. White Socks
  4. White P.T, Shoes
  5. School Tie, Belt.
  6. House Badge (Ist to Xth)
  1. White Shirt (With Monogram)
  2. White Skirt
  3. White Socks, White P.T. Shoes,White Ribbon or Hair Band
  4. School Tie, Belt
  5. House Badge (Ist to Xth)


To create competition among students House are formed in school for encouraging the spirit of discipline, devotion and dedication and cooperation House are assigned to perform various duties like discipline, cleanliness, caring & sheering among other student official & members are elected by secret. Ballet following the democratic system. Each house has been nominated or chirstianed as follow:-





  1. Indira
  2. Subhash
  3. Tagore
  4. Nehru
  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Green


School aims at all round personality of each and every child. Sports is past of school curriculum and compulsory for every students. Various sports events are orgnised time to time in school students of this school take part in sports activities /events orgnised by directorate of Education as per schedule.Training and coaching in various disciplines are provided by the qualified and Trained faculty.


Passing out students remain always in contact with school. Time to Time they are honored and awarded for their achievement in the function organised by the school.


Discipline is the Ladder of success. The main motto of the school is to inspire for discipline school creates such an environment where discipline is made as a habit not to be unposed as a burden, Senior students of school are deputed as ‘Head Boy’ and ’Head Girl’ to lead the other students to follow the rules and regulation established by the school.


Keeping the health of each & every student’s school provides medical facilities. A separate room is available for it where first aid box and other necessary medical Aids are available to meet any emergency and causality.


To enhance the hidden treasure of creativity among student, school provides a platform for creative writing school publisher ‘Sarvada Times‘twice in a year for students to exhibits true potential. It is a concrete medium to convey their thought message not only for teacher but also for students. It reflect the progress of the school all the year round.


For keeping in touch with latest technology school has a well – equipped science lab with latest appartus stress on ‘Learning based ‘ education is the main aim to give practical knowledge.


School has set up Mathematics & Geographical Lab. With all Latest teaching aids including all necessary charts, equipment & other audiovisuals aids.


Belie ring the faith that music connects heart without knowing any caste and creed school provides training in both vocal & instruments. Students get acquainted and trained in a room specially devoted to music each & every student is motivated to participated i music.


In this age of globalisation, no one can afford to neglect the knowledge of Computer Education is compulsory in the school and has been included in school curriculum. An Air-conditioned computer Lab has been established where students connect themselves globally with the facility of internet.


School has decorated and rich stocked Library for students where students can utilized their time in enmching their knowledge. Books on all subjects and topics are available here.


India is cultural country. To give respect to the cultural heritage and fill the students with enthusiasm, the school organises attractiv programmes time to times.Information regarding vivid festival is provided to the students in prayer assembly. Besides religious,social cultural, caste – related, local and national festival ’Hanuman Chalisa ’ is also recited in chorus on every Tuesday. It creates the feeling of devotion,valoyr and bravery in the hearts of children. Festival like Holi, Diwali Raksha Bandhan Republic Day.Independence Day, Ghandi Jayanti Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day etc.are celebrated fabulously by the school.


Transportation (Van and Rickshaws) to and from school is available .The authority concerned may be contacted for any queries regarding Van/Rickshaws routes. Parents can find out about the pickup points from the office.

  1. It will be responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children reach their respective points well in time as the transport will not be delayed if the child is late in case of any problem regarding Transport ,office may be contacted.
  2. Similarly, parents are to make sure that pick up their children at the specified stop or point.
  3. A child is permitted to travel only on the allotted route.


  1. Parents are requested to attend PTA as schedule by school on last day of the month between 9:00.a.m to 12:00.non for progress of your ward to his/her concerned Teachers.
  2. Parents are not allowed to meet teacher during school hour.
  3. In form the office about change in Residential address by application.
  4. In case of leave/absence, submit application to concerned Class Teacher duly signed by parents.
  5. Send your ward neat & clean uniform along with the book and copies according to time table.
  6. Submit medical certificate (duly issued by MBBS doctor) in case your ward does not appear in Unit Test.
  7. Unit Test will not be taken again in any case.
  8. Parents please check Home Task Diary of your ward and duly signed on it.
  9. In case absence (more than 7 days) without any notice or application, student name will be stick from the roll.
  10. Students are not allowed to bring any expressive item in school. School will not in any case be responsible for any loss and damage of any such item.

The School At Glance

Established on
April 10, 1972

Founder Chairmain
Lalit Paliwaliji

Affiliated to central Board of Secondary Education, Sarvada Modern Secondary School enjoys the privilege of being considered as one of the leading institution in this semi- urban area of remote of north East of Delhi, managed by Sarvada Shiksha Samiti


Phone: 9999473622,9999631088,9999439422